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Ogasawara Hiroki’s average life was turned upside-down the moment he became a babe magnet for a whole harem of sexy succubi.
Hiroki has managed to court the attentions of a famous businesswoman, a talented idol, a beloved actress, an up-and-coming tennis prodigy, and he’s even attracted European royalty.
Hiroki’s life is a busy one, and there’s never a dull moment: something which becomes even more apparent when Yue, the ruler of the succubus realm, barges into his house and asks for his help.

The newest member of Hiroki’s harem, Alice, is a fledgling succubus who has little knowledge of the human world. Having spent most of her life in the succubus realm, Alice is naïve and unworldly, and she has no idea how to fit in.
Help Hiroki show Alice around Tokyo, introduce her to her fellow succubi, and try not to let her get too anxious. Alice’s self-esteem has always been shaky, and if things go wrong, it might just spell disaster.

Alice is a young succubus who has lived an isolated life. She knows little about the human world, and often worries that she doesn’t fit in.
Alice finds it difficult to express herself and she’s incredibly awkward. Her anxieties make her a tricky succubus to manage, but she’s incredibly affectionate, and she’ll stop at nothing to ensure Hiroki knows just how much she adores him.

Yue is the queen of the succubus realm, and she certainly acts like it. Aloof, haughty, and dignified, Yue simply oozes feminine grace and poise that some of the other succubi can only dream of.
Yue might be young, but she is a force to be reckoned with, and she knows just how to get what she wants: Hiroki included.

Ayu is a popular idol who has legions of fans all across Japan. Her cheery stage presence, her adorable appearance, and her humility only bolster her image as a ‘perfect idol’.
Ayu is so adorable, most of her fans believe her not to be a flesh and blood woman, but an angel descended from heaven.
They couldn’t, of course, be more mistaken.
Ayu is, in actuality, a succubus, and she’s a devious one at that. Two-faced and incredibly bratty, Ayu will often badmouth her fans, though she has a soft spot for Hiroki.

Cosmos is a ditzy airhead who marches to the beat of her own drum. She’s a social media superstar with masses of followers, and she spends her time posting provocative photographs of herself online to satiate her salivating simps.
Though Cosmos’s dress sense might be peculiar, she isn’t particularly attention-hungry. She simply wants to make people happy…
And she prioritizes Hiroki’s happiness above everybody else’s.

Marina is a businesswoman with a level head and an eye for a good bargain. She’s renowned both for her cutting edge fashion sense and her cutting tongue in the boardroom, and she’s amassed mountains of money during the brief handful of years she’s been in the business.
While Marina might seem like the sort to put her work above all else, she also knows when to cut loose and have fun. Marina’s not above having a drink or two to idle away the hours, and she’s particularly fond of pampering Hiroki.
What’s the point in having so much money, after all, without a cute partner to lavish it on?


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